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About Josh

Changing the Way business is done

Joshua Duvall, CFP®, RTP started out like most young professionals entering the financial industry: selling high commission financial products for some of the worlds largest insurance and investment companies. It didn’t take long for him to realize there has to be a better way to help clients achieve their financial goals.

After more than a decade working for some of the largest brands in the industry, Josh launched his own firm with a personalized and modern approach to financial planning, investing, and tax services.

Instead of constantly “selling” clients, what if there was a way to truly offer comprehensive financial planning, investing, and accounting services without all of the conflicts of interest? What if clients could just pay for the services they receive, and the adviser could work only in their best interest? No more middlemen, commissions, percentage fees or sales. Just the client and adviser working together to achieve their goals.

This simple concept is the driving force behind Joshua Duvall Financial Planning & Accounting.

family values still mean something

Born and raised in the Midwest, Joshua Duvall, CFP®, RTP is old-fashioned enough to still believe family values mean something. Whether it’s conducting business, engaging with his community, serving in ministry, or leading his family; Josh believes there’s more to life than professional success, and he knows that no amount of money can satisfy our innate human desire for purpose and relationship. If you can’t tell already, Josh isn’t shy about who on earth is most important to him: his family.

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