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How to Comfortably Move Your Excess Cash into Your Investments

With the volatility and global economic events we’ve experienced this year, it’s easy to understand why some people are apprehensive to start investing their excess cash. But we know that typical savings accounts and CD’s don’t provide enough interest to outpace inflation and help you accomplish your goals. So how do you start getting your money to work for you, without exposing yourself to too much risk? Learn more about some strategies that can help you answer these questions by watching this video.

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Joshua Duvall, CFP®, RTP launched his own Registered Investment Adviser in 2017 after more than a decade in the financial industry, working for some of the world’s largest and most successful firms including LPL Financial, New York Life, and State Farm Ins. Co. Married with two children, Josh resides in Tabernacle, New Jersey and is an engaged member of his community. Josh enjoys coaching youth sports, rooting for The Ohio State Buckeyes, and sharing his passion for Jesus through biblical ministry and community service.